Automotive Videography Portfolio

Gatebil Rudskogen 2019 After Movie



The huge contrast of drift builds at Gatebil Rudskogen makes this this most insane car festival ever! In fact it's Scandinavias biggest drifting event.


I was hire by a team to document their participation, but instead of focusing on only filming them i decided to create my own little after movie of the event in its entirety.

Gatebil Trackdays 2020 Official After Movie


2020 was the year Davnic Media started it's collaborating with Gatebil. Due to a global pandemic the festival decided to host a closed trackday event instead.


Only Norwegians were allowed to participate and the event had a limited amount of drivers with no spectators. This video is a recap of the first Gatebil Trackday event, with more to come later that year.

Gatebil Mantorp 2019 After Movie



Attending Gatebil Mantorp for the first time was beyond my expectations. What really made it special was the people I got to meet and the thoughtfulness of the Swedish crowd/crew.


I was hired by a team to cover their participation of the event and as you'll see the unfortunate consequences of not securing camera gear as well as how a small track can make from some interesting situations. 

Gumpens Auto Øst Audi E-Tron



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Gumpens Auto Øst Audi RS5



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Mercedes G700 Satin Black Wrap XR



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Oslo Motor Show 2018 After Movie



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Gumpens Auto Øst Demo Vehicles 



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Gumpens Auto Øst Audi RS4



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